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Back in the summer of 2021 we began to receive member trees, research, and documents and we could not be more appreciative. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their personal research to WCGS where you can be assured it will have a place to reside, safely and securely, for many years into the future.

We hope more members will contribute their own research, trees, histories, photographs. Please contact David Chamberlain or Paul Chamberlain to discuss what it would take for you to place a COPY of your trees, research, and documents on our member supported WCGS website. Contributing your research ensures your research is preserved, and it is also a resource for other members to use as they begin their own research. Your shared research may help another member to continue pushing forward and breaking down brick walls or perhaps you have completed some or all your work and would like to have a copy stored with WCGS for years into the future.

We want to remind members that the website research materials are divided into two distinct and separate categories.

1 – WCGS CURATED materials which are maintained, updated, and managed by the Society to be as accurate and reliable as volunteers can make it.

2 – MEMBER research , described above, which is as complete and accurate as the donating member could make it. WCGS does not curate nor maintain member data nor does the Society vouch for member materials in the same manner as WCGS CURATED materials. It is simply impossible for society officers and volunteers to doublecheck each member’s work in detail.

Remember, WCGS wants as many members as possible to share their research on the WCGS website!! WCGS is built from each member’s contributions, and we will always be that way.

As stated during past ZOOM education sessions and in email communications, ALL research is a single point in time of the universe of facts, findings, and opinions of whoever is doing the research. Always try to obtain a second source to all materials on the WCGS website and obtain multiple sources that agree when accessing private or member supplied materials from Ancestry, MyHeritage, Facebook, Blogs, or other online genealogy resources.

Sometimes conclusions change over time as new facts and records are discovered. That is how genealogy works!


From Paul Chamberlain - President WCGS: Join us on the various Open Mic ZOOM sessions to discuss genealogy topics. Also join us on the Annual All Membership meeting held as a ZOOM session in the fall of every year.


Did you ever wonder how many ways there are to spell and say CHAMBERLAIN?

Here is a list of SPELLINGS compiled by WCGS member Jim Parker with the most common spellings shown in capital letters: Camberlain, Camberlan, Camberland, Camberlin, Camberley, Camberly, Camblayn, Camblen, CAMBLIN, Camerling, Cemberlain, Chaberlin, Chaimberlain, Chaimberlen, Chambalon, Chambeau, Chambedent, Chambelain, Chambelen, Chambelrain, Chamberlan, Chambellan, Chambelleau, Chambelleaux (variant of Chamberland in New Brunswick), Chamben, Chamberdent, Chamberin, CHAMBERLAIN, AMBERLAINE, Chamberlaiin, CHAMBERLAN, CHAMBERLAND, CHAMBERLANE, Chamberlang, Chamberlant, CHAMBERLAIN, CHAMBERLAYNE, Chamberlein, CHAMBELEN, Chamberlene, Chambeleigne, Chamberley, Chamberleyn, Chamberleyne, Chamberlian, CHAMBERLIN, CHAMBERLINE, Chamberling, Chamberlins, Chamberlon, Chamberlyn, Chamberlyne, Chambilen, Chamblain, Chamblaine, Chamblayn, Chamblen, CHAMBLIN, Chambling, Chamble, Chamblee, Chambley, Chambly, Chambely (possible variants of Chambliss, but more likely of Camberley/Camberly), Chamborlain, Chamborlin, Chambrelaine, Chambrelan, Chambrelayne, Chambrelem, Chambrelen, Chambrelin, Chambrlin, Chambulane, Chamelee, Chamlee, Chamlen, CHAMLIN, Chamlly, Champerlan, Chanverlange, Charmbelain, Chombelin, Chormbelin, Chombuland, CHEMBERLIN, SHAMBLEN, SHAMBLIN, Shambling, Shamlin, Shanblin


Our Chamberlain story began in the past....a long, long time ago

The original goal of the World Chamberlain Genealogical Society (WCGS), back in 1996, was the creation of a member friendly organization that would be a way for Chamberlains to connect and share family history and provide a way for for new members to learn who their Chamberlain ancestors were.

The first Chamberlain in our society’s history, arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony, probably prior to 1638, soon to be joined by other first-generation Chamberlain families. Since those beginnings, Chamberlain descendants have spread around the world.

Come on in, look around, explore our website and let us know if you have questions or suggestions. If you find a connection, we would love to hear from you.

Please consider becoming a member and help make our, and hopefully your, society the most complete and accurate source of Chamberlain information by sharing with us your knowledge, family histories, or simply join to learn from whom you came.

Membership gives you access to everything on our site. The Membership Information page has more details.

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For the best experience, begin by reading pages Who are the Chamberlains and How to use this website.

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