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2021 WCGS Annual Meeting

From Paul Chamberlain - President WCGS: I have great news!! It is time for our next WCGS virtual meeting. On Saturday morning, September 25th beginning at 10:00 a.m. Daylight Central Standard Time (DCST) we will be conducting our 2021 WCGS Annual Meeting. There will be a short business meeting after the membership session, but the lion share of the time will be spent with updates, learning new experiences and most importantly hearing from you. DNA continues to be a hot topic and our DNA Team has very busy this past six months and John Chamberlain will share some very interesting insights in testing and researching within our web site. Hopefully, we will be prepared to make an announce another endeavor that will bring a huge amount of additional researchable data to our web site. 2021 has been a phenomenal year for the WCGS and we continue to seek data and other information that will be useful to you the Member.

You will receive an email Zoom invitation one week in advance of the meeting.




Did you ever wonder how many ways there are to spell and say CHAMBERLAIN?

Here is a list of SPELLINGS compiled by WCGS member Jim Parker with the most common spellings shown in capital letters: Camberlain, Camberlan, Camberland, Camberlin, Camberley, Camberly, Camblayn, Camblen, CAMBLIN, Camerling, Cemberlain, Chaberlin, Chaimberlain, Chaimberlen, Chambalon, Chambeau, Chambedent, Chambelain, Chambelen, Chambelrain, Chamberlan, Chambellan, Chambelleau, Chambelleaux (variant of Chamberland in New Brunswick), Chamben, Chamberdent, Chamberin, CHAMBERLAIN, AMBERLAINE, Chamberlaiin, CHAMBERLAN, CHAMBERLAND, CHAMBERLANE, Chamberlang, Chamberlant, CHAMBERLAIN, CHAMBERLAYNE, Chamberlein, CHAMBELEN, Chamberlene, Chambeleigne, Chamberley, Chamberleyn, Chamberleyne, Chamberlian, CHAMBERLIN, CHAMBERLINE, Chamberling, Chamberlins, Chamberlon, Chamberlyn, Chamberlyne, Chambilen, Chamblain, Chamblaine, Chamblayn, Chamblen, CHAMBLIN, Chambling, Chamble, Chamblee, Chambley, Chambly, Chambely (possible variants of Chambliss, but more likely of Camberley/Camberly), Chamborlain, Chamborlin, Chambrelaine, Chambrelan, Chambrelayne, Chambrelem, Chambrelen, Chambrelin, Chambrlin, Chambulane, Chamelee, Chamlee, Chamlen, CHAMLIN, Chamlly, Champerlan, Chanverlange, Charmbelain, Chombelin, Chormbelin, Chombuland, CHEMBERLIN, SHAMBLEN, SHAMBLIN, Shambling, Shamlin, Shanblin


Our Chamberlain story began in the past....a long, long time ago

The original goal of the World Chamberlain Genealogical Society (WCGS), back in 1996, was the creation of a member friendly organization that would be a way for Chamberlains to connect and share family history and provide a way for for new members to learn who their Chamberlain ancestors were.

The first Chamberlain in our society’s history, arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony, probably prior to 1638, soon to be joined by other first-generation Chamberlain families. Since those beginnings, Chamberlain descendants have spread around the world.

Come on in, look around, explore our website and let us know if you have questions or suggestions. If you find a connection, we would love to hear from you.

Please consider becoming a member and help make our, and hopefully yours, society the most complete and accurate source of Chamberlain information by sharing with us your knowledge, family histories, or simply join to learn who you came from.

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