How To Use This Website

If you are looking for a particular person, we suggest you start with our Name search. Enter part or all of the name. If you know the middle initial, enter it without the period to get everyone with middle names starting with that initial. You can also try our Advanced Search if you know other details about the person's life. Our Surname listing is helpful if you are unsure of the spelling.

If you find someone who might be of further interest, you can bookmark their family history pages to easily find them on your next visit.

The link below will take you to excellent detailed instructions on using the WCGS website.

Navigating within the WCGS Website

The following link is to an article in the Chamberlain Key, page 7, for Winter 2024 that walks through specific examples with screenshots for illustration.

Wandering on the WCGS Web.

There is also a video covering the same examples as the article.

Video Episode 1 Wandering on the WCGS Web.

Be sure to check all our features using the links and drop down menus on the web pages. On This Date gives you a listing of persons who were born, married or died on today's date in history. You might also enjoy our web site Statistics and What's New pages.

In many ways, the web site is like "Forest Gump's box of chocolates" - you just don't know what you are going to get. Be prepared to spend time exploring. Keep in mind, we are adding new information all the time, so if you don't find what you are looking for, bookmark us and keep checking back.