World Chamberlain Genealogical Society Photos Submitted, 2007-Present

WCGS Annual Meeting Photos

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      Spring 2007 Executive Board      Fall 2007 General Membership   

 Spring 2008 Executive Board      Fall 2008 General Membership   

Spring 2009 Executive Board      Fall 2009 General Membership

 Spring 2010 Executive Board        Fall 2010 General Membership 

Spring 2011 Executive Board      Fall 2011 General Membership

Spring 2012 Executive Board      Fall 2012 General Membership     

Spring 2013 Executive Board       Fall 2013 General Membership

Spring 2014 Executive Board       Fall 2014 General Membership

Spring 2015 Executive Board       Fall 2015 General Membership

 Spring 2016 Executive Board         Fall 2016 General Membership

 Summer 2017 Executive Board & General Membership

                 Fall 2018 Executive Board & General Membership


WCGS Member Portrait Photos

Cassie Ch’lain Veselovsky, #020; 

WCGS Member Immediate Family Photos

WCGS Member Ancestor Photo

Cassie Veselovsky shared- Benjamin Franklin Ch’lain; David Green Ch’lain; David Palmer Ch’lain; Joseph Demetrius Ch’lain; Sarah Clarinda Ch’lain

Elaine Moody Root, WCGS #447 shared- Descendants of James Chamberlin (1825-1892) photos and stories; James Chamberlin’s family bible pages and Charles Morton Chamberlain‘s (1864-1942) family bible pages


Miscellaneous WCGS photos (many collages)

Apr 2007- Meeting in Orlando, FL              Sep 2007- Meeting in Chicago, IL

Sep 2012- Meeting in Hampton, VA            Sep 2018 – Meeting in Ft. Wayne, IN