World Chamberlain Genealogical Society Photos Submitted, 1996-2006

WCGS Annual Meeting Photos

1999 WCGS meeting group photo

Spring 2003 Executive Board   Fall 2003 General Membership

     Spring 2004 Executive Board    Fall 2004 General Membership

 Spring 2005 Executive Board     Fall 2005 General Membership

Spring 2006 Executive Board      Fall 2006 General Membership

WCGS Member Portrait Photos 

Philip J. Chamberlain#003 ,   Theadore   J. Chamberlain#004,   George Williston#006,   Peter G. Chamberlain#008,   Bruce E. Chamberlain#033,

Neil J. Chamberlain#053,   Glen Ganel “Bud” Irwin, Jr.#042,   William J. Mennel#060,   George Leroy Chamberlin#061,   David Conrad Chamberlin#085,

Geraldine Rice  Burden#095,  Sue Rice Mears#096, Alice E. Geron#159, Loren Lee Chamberlain#204, Frank D. Chamberlain#215,

Peter Chamberlin#309. Karen L. Chamberlin#313, Patricia A. Sugg#317, Matthew Chamberlain#323, Martha S. Hurley#329,

Donald L. Chamberlin#332, George Richard Chamberlin#338, Dwight Rodes Chamberlain#347, Gerald Chamberlin#353,

Ryan Daniel Chamberlin#355, Eitan Richard (fka Paul Richard) Chamberlin#359

WCGS Member Immediate Family Photos

Agnes Mary (Schumeyer) Chamberlin, (wife of WCGS#061), Neil J. #053 And Jean Javier Chamberlain, Theadore J. #004 and Faye Chamberlain,

Jerry and Janet Chamberlain (parents of WCGS#004), John Leslie “Jack” and Yvonne Boucourt Chamberlin (aunt&uncle of WCGS#332),

Patricia A. (Wilkinson) #317 and James R. Sugg (502),  Alta Chamberlain and Levi N. Countryman, Dwight Rodes #347 and Marilyn Hutton Chamberlain,

Neil J. Chamberlain Family Group 1, Neil J. Chamberlain Family Group 2, Neil J. Chamberlain Family Group 3, Neil J. Chamberlain Family Group 4,

George Leroy Chamberlin Family Group 1, George Leroy Chamberlin Family Group 2;   Frank D. Chamberlain- Family Group 1,  Family Group 3Karen L. Chamberlin Family Group 1; George Richard Chamberlin Family Group 1

WCGS Member Ancestor Photo

Carrie (Caroline M. Wood) ChamberlainEvelyn Mae (Oliver) IrwinGeorge Richard Chamberlin Family Group 2Frank D. Chamberlain Family Group 2,

James Glen Oliver;   Milton ChamberlainNancy E. Norris Family Group 1Peter Chamberlin Family Group 1Simon E. ChamberlinWm. Sanborn Chamberlain Sr; Wm. Sanborn Chamberlain, JrRalph E. Chamberlain

Miscellaneous WCGS photos

 Welton C. Chamberlain Recognition    Sept 2006-Trip to Plymouth, Mass village collage

                   Apr 2006- Meeting at New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, NYC, NY


WCGS combination folders featuring        

3 Charter Members

            First 5 Presidents

David Conrad Chamberlin

Henry Descendants