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WCGS Mid-Year Meeting — The WCGS will be holding it’s Mid-Year Board meeting on Saturday, May 18th in the Discovery Room,  Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN. The meeting will start at 9:00am and finish at 12:00pm.
On Friday, May 17th, we are holding a Planning Session.  The title of the session is What can we do to Improve the WCGS?  This meeting will also be in the Discovery Room, Allen County Library, Fort Wayne.  This planning session is open to all members and starts at 9:00am.  The WCGS encourages all members to attend this planning session and help us improve YOUR society.

Chamberlain Key– The Spring 2018 edition is now available on this website and WCGS members can view and download the file if desired.  It is found under the Ch’lain Documents tab.  Select the Quarterly Chamberlain Key collection link. You must be logged in to get to the Quarterly Chamberlain Key page. Forgot your user name or password? Send a note to Pat Sugg ( for assistance.

WCGS member David Chamberlain of Pottstown, PA recently sent us the following emails and asked they be placed on the website to possibly stimulate discussions of his ancestor, Henry the Blacksmith.

 Nov. 14, 2017

NEW – Henry Chamberlin the blacksmith records found

All my Chamberlain friends,

 I’m a 12th generation, the direct descendant of Henry Chamberlin the blacksmith.

 Over the past 10 months, I’ve spent a great deal of time researching my ancestor, Henry the blacksmith. Jim Parker first reviewed and gave me the thumbs-up a few years ago on my ancestral documentation. Thank you, Jim.

The reason for this email is, I’ve found some very interesting records and material that may shed new light on Henry, which I’ve documented in the attached article. PLEASE read and review the article and let me know what you think, questions you may have, and comments.

Jim Sugg, could this be posted to the WCGS website? I think it opens up some exciting doorways that may lead to even more new findings.

Thank you all very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

David L Chamberlain


Link to the article


Nov. 28, 2017

Henry Chamberlin (ALL spellings) interactive map of England


 I have continued searching the available English records for all Henry Chamberlin entries. Turns out there were a fair amount of them across England, which have shown up now, in the available (as of Nov 25, 2017) online sources.

I offer this link (below) to anyone who cares to look into this for the purpose of generating discussion.

The next area that I want to pursue is the children of Henry (a blacksmith) to see if there’s any overlap and that should give us some more focus on untying this knot of a brick wall.

Of course, the best part may not become known until some point in the future as additional records are made available for searching.

As the woman at the SOG in the UK said, there’s so much stored in the backrooms and basement of the British National Archives that is not even indexed so who knows what will be available.

Please try the link and you should have access to an interactive mapping of what I’ve found to date.

78 Henry Chamberlain ALL spellings 1425 to 1638 –

Try it out. Go into the legend and try the different options. More records still to be added to the digital pool of records but this is a start.

Also, I found a DEATH record of a Henry Chamberlain who died in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire County, in 1629, and it’s only the second record that I’ve found that had the Occupation line filled out and his occupation was “smith”!!!.

That COULD mean that there were 3 generations of a blacksmith, or metal worker, ALL named Henry. The dates still fit for a marriage of the grandfather Henry “smith” to Christian (transcript and source document in the previous article I prepared) who would be the step-mother to our Henry father & “blacksmith” and step-grandmother to Henry who both came in 1638 on the Diligent. Just sayin’ for generating some discussion.

Once I map out the rest of Henry’s children I’ll start to map out the Hobarts and the Pecks or perhaps other Chamberlain lines.

I look forward to hearing back from you and getting your comments, thoughts, questions, and helping the WCGS.

 Perhaps this could be an “Update” to the earlier article I wrote for the Key.


David, Ph. 610-247-1272

11/15/17– We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Jane Kelley and Mr. Terry Shirk as co-editors of the Chamberlain Key quarterly newsletter. As they embark on this adventure, let us all wish them Bon Voyage and offer any help they need.

We have continued to add new CAA1 Black Books from a variety of Chamberlain surname related sources to the Resouces for Chamberlain Research/Black Research Notebooks of the CAA1  These artifacts were collected by the original Chamberlain Association of America researchers.

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 Our next meeting will be at the Allen County Public Library located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The date is Saturday, 22 September 2018 at 9:00 am. Please plan to join us.

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 Chamberlain Key Hole– newest  Vol 5 No. 1

Our purpose in creating the Key Hole was to provide a way for the WCGS Corresponding Secretary to communicate easily and quickly with others researching the Chamberlain surname and all its variant spellings.

As you may know, the  Chamberlain Key is our formal quarterly publication containing articles written by folks like you who are researching their family and allied lines.  They share genealogical data and family history information for all to see in that newsletter.

We felt something was needed for communicating during that time between those formal editions.  We try to publish this about every six weeks as events dictate.  We seek to provide research information, member queries, notices of upcoming meetings, speakers, special projects, and other items of current interest to all Chamberlain surname genealogists.

It is only available as an electronic file; no paper copies are distributed.  Back issues are found here and on the WCGS Facebook® page under “Files tab”.

2018- Key Hole  Vol 5 No. 1

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