David Conrad Chamberlin Sr. (1932-2005) was an ardent Chamberlain (and all variant spellings) surname researcher who devoted over forty years of his life to that study.  He meticulously explored, cataloged, and sourced thousands of Chamberlain’s and their allied families.  

Have you visited this repository of the Chamberlain surname (and its variant spellings) Family Group Records?  These family group records are indexed as follows: the  Main Page; Surname Index; Master Index; Place Index; and the Progenitors Descendant Charts. 

The late  David Conrad Chamberlin’s database of Chamberl*n Family Group Records is available here for viewing.  This will lead the researcher to a treasure trove of information.  Be sure to note an occasional PDF icon in the upper left corner above a name.  Click the icon to see a more detailed report on that individual.

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These reports represent David’s life’s work product and so the WCGS does not alter his information.  We do recognize that errors, omissions, or other discrepancies can exist and we wish to provide you, the user, a means to report corrections.  

     We ask that you email the Corresponding Secretary (PatSugg@gmail.com ) with the Individual’s name and DCC’s  Lineage Number (LN) that you seek to clarify or correct.  Include the erroneous information and your suggested corrections or additions.  

     Please be sure to state, and include the source(s) for your assertions.  Upon review and acceptance by the WCGS Chamberlain Database analysts, we will include your information in a commentary to the DCC collection that we hope to make available on our website.