1880 CENSUS DATA.  From LDS Family Search online site.  Transcribed by J. B. Parker, Nov. 2002.  Refer to that site for FHL film #, and National Archives film #.  In this listing, persons with surname have

     In this listing, persons with surname have the same name as head-of-household, unless otherwise shown; race is white unless otherwise shown.  1910 Census data derived from Genealogy.com.

     Data are portrayed as follows, to facilitate (simply by looking down the page) searching across the decades for families within a given geographical area.  Thus, listings are organized by State, County, and Decade, then alphabetically for each County, by City or Town, and finally by Chamberlain names within each City or Town.  

     The 1880 Census adds State of Birth for the individual and their father and mother – coded in this fashion: ME/MA/NH.  LN numbers refer to the “Lineal Number” identification system used by David Conrad Chamberlin, Sr., in his 5000+ formally prepared Chamberlain Family Group Records, now made available elsewhere through the Society’s website.  Please note- no Chamberlains were found in New Mexico records, thus it is absent.

Alabama to Maine

Maryland to New Jersey

New York to Wyoming



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