By- James B. Parker, Whitmore Lake, Michigan, January 20, 2010

            The following Census data were initially transcribed from a online site, entitled Genealogy Library, supplemented by data from online and other sources, by James B. Parker (JBP), beginning about 1998.  Data were also initially derived from David C. Chamberlin, Sr. (DCC), who contributed his typed transcription of the 1850 Census for all Chamberlains.  In May 2003, DCC contributed his searchable Access database for 1790 through 1850, with indices for decades beyond that; in 2004, he provided JBP with a complete Access database for 1860.  1880 Census data were then transcribed by JBP from the LDS Family Search online site and were made available in DCC’s Census database.  After DCC’s untimely death in Salt Lake City, March 8, 2005, JBP continued alone with this laborious project, finally completing transcription of the 1870 Census data from in January 2010, at which time a decision was reached to make the Chamberlain Census report available to the Society and the public.  Canadian 1881 Chamberlain census data were added by JBP in late 2004, transcribed from the LDS Family Search site, extending it to 1891 has begun.  JBP’s Microsoft Word file is entitled “Chamberlain Census Data”.
            U. S. Census data are presented here in two large sections first 1790 through 1870, and second 1880 and beyond.  Data are portrayed as follows, to facilitate (simply by looking down the page) searching across the decades for families within a given geographical area.  Thus, listings are organized by State, County, and Decade, then alphabetically for each County, by City or Town, and finally by Chamberlain names within each City or Town.  Entries for 1870 typically list data in this order: Name, LN#, Page, Residence#/Family#, Date, Gender (only if not obvious), Age, Occupation, State of Birth.  The 1880 Census adds State of Birth for the individual and his father and mother – coded in this fashion: ME/MA/NH.  LN numbers refer to the identification system used by David Conrad Chamberlin, Sr., in his 5000+ formally prepared Chamberlain Family Group Records, now made available elsewhere through the Society’s website.  The difficult process of cross-referencing these LN reference numbers to the census entries is incomplete at this time, JBP expects to complete this in another year, or so, at which time an updated census report will be made available, replacing the one initially provided here.

            JBP is also updating all of his Chamberlain lineages (about 110,000 names in actual lineages, located in eight big Family Tree Maker files he has created since 1996) with the U. S. Census data through 1880.

   The next priority project is to transcribe the entire 1900 census – of particular importance to genealogists because the 1890 census is missing, and because 1900 adds the month and year of birth for each individual.  This project is expected to take several years to complete, followed by transcription of the 1910 census and so forth, it is hoped.

            Persons unfamiliar with a full subscription to online will be amazed at the scope of its records, of which the Census constitutes only a small portion.  The entire U. S. Census, from 1790 through 1930 (1940 expected soon), are indexed, and with a simple click on one’s computer keyboard, up comes the census image itself from the original microfilm, generally fairly legible.  In addition to some Canadian census records available now on this site (more expected with time), the English Census is also available from 1841 through 1901.

            Persons with questions, comments, corrections, additions, etc., are encouraged to contact the author at .


The records are organized by state for 1790-1870, and again by the state for 1880-1930.  The files are broken into smaller subsets to improve download time for the user.  Please note- we have included ‘bookmarks” in the PDF’s to expedite finding a state of interest.  Your PDF browser likely has a bookmark icon (kind of like a ribbon) you click to enable this feature.

1790-1870 Census Records- All Canada and the U.S. States and counties 

1880-1930 Census Records – the U.S. States and counties



Variant Spellings of the name Chamberlain, primarily from U. S. Census Records, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Chamberlain Association of America records.  Primary spellings are highlighted:

– Camberlain, Camberlan, Camberland, Camberlin

– Camberley, Camberly, Camblayn, Camblen, Camblin, Camerling

– Cemberlain

– Chaberlin, Chaimberlain, Chaimberlen

– Chambalon

– Chambeau, Chambedent, Chambelain, Chambelen, Chambelrain, Chamberlan, Chambellan

– Chambelleau, Chambelleaux (variant of Chamberland in New Brunswick)

– Chamben

– Chamberdent, Chamberin

Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlaiin

Chamberlan, Chamberland, Chamberlane, Chamberlang, Chamberlant

Chamberlayn, Chamberlayne

– Chamberlein, Chamberlen, Chamberlene, Chambeleigne, Chamberley, Chamberleyn, Chamberleyne

Chamberlian, Chamberlin, Chamberline, Chamberling, Chamberlins

– Chamberlon

– Chamberlyn, Chamberlyne

– Chambilen

– Chamblain, Chamblaine, Chamblayn, Chamblen, Chamblin, Chambling

– Chamble, Chamblee, Chambley, Chambly,  Chambely (possible variants of Chambliss, but more likely of Camberley/Camberly)

– Chamborlain, Chamborlin

– Chambrelaine, Chambrelan, Chambrelayne, Chambrelem, Chambrelen, Chambrelin, Chambrlin, Chambulane

– Chamelee, Chamlee, Chamlen, Chamlin, Chamlly

– Champerlan

– Chanverlange

– Charmbelain, Chombelin, Chormbelin, Chombuland


Shamblen, Shamblin, Shambling, Shamlin, Shanblin

The following surnames generally pertain to another family, but on occasion might be substituted for Chamberlain:

– Camberwell

– Chambeless, Chambliss

– Chambers (there is at least one documented case where used interchangeably with Chamberlain)

– Chambertin, Chamberton

– Champain, Champan, Champeon, Champin, Champion, Champlain, Champlan, Champlin

– Chaplain, Chapline

– Cumberland, Cumberlow, Cumbraland