Chamberlain Association of America’s “Chamberlain Genealogical and Historical Book” 

  • The background story of this manuscript

    • It appears from an early general examination of The Chamberlain Collection, located at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, that a passion of the Chamberlain Association of America (CAA), 1897-1961, (hereinafter referred to as the CAA1), was the preparation of a book documenting the first ten generations of Americans with the Chamberlain surname including known allied families. One Hundred plus years ago, September 11, 1911, the Reverend Charles Henry Pope was retained by the CAA1 for the purpose of preparing and editing the proposed book. This book was to be titled, Chamberlain Genealogical and Historical Book and was initially expected to be completed in one or two years, (~1912-1913). CAA1 members scoured local records offices, newspaper advertisements solicited Chamberlain family trees, and individuals responded to the call.  All wanted to be included in the book and to also obtain a copy when published.  However, as you have read in this introduction, to the utter disappointment of everyone involved, the book was never published by the CAA1.

  • A sample of the manuscript

    •  click here to see the transcribed information chronicled by the CAA1 members for Thomas of Woburn’s first 4 generations.

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